New Years Day (aka-Ten Years Ago)

Last night I was trying to remember what I’d been doing ten years ago on that day. I figured out that I’d been in bed, waiting up for midnight (I wasn’t allowed to stay downstairs with the adults. I was only 12 after all.) Dad was in Washington for “Y2K” and the possible shut down of the country’s infrastructure (the only thing in the Federal government that malfunctioned was a fax machine). Back then I was still in elementary school, and would be for another year yet. I was still naive in the ways of the world in more ways than one. I never thought about terrorists. 9/11 took care of that, of course. While I didn’t lose anyone, and only one person I knew lost a family member, Dad left before I got home from school that day. He was gone for months, only coming back a few days at a time. He almost didn’t get back for Christmas that year, and then had to go back before we went to my grandmother’s after Christmas. That’s why we were in New Jersey a second Christmas.

So much has happened in the last ten years. I’ve gained friends, great friends, and I’ve grown apart from ones I had. Unfortunately I’m too tired to continue thinking and writing, so I’m going to go on thinking. I’ll leave it to you to reflect for a while.


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