One Week (aka-I’ve been slacking off)

I realized today (yes, very, very early today in the wee hours of the morning) that I have one week left. Yes, one week and I ship off again for Williamsburg. My last semester is at hand. And I’m Not Ready. I have far more to do than I wanted to at this point. No, at this point I remember saying that I wanted to be submitting stories to markets. I’m sure you can tell I’m not. I have a mile long To-Do list (Oh, this isn’t so long, my mother says, looking at it. No, it’s not that long, but some of those items are going to take half a day or more. And I don’t have enough half days left!). Edits have been pushed to the back burner. Again. Instead I’m going to be doing my darndest to finish the first rough draft of The Place of the Canter (TPotC). That poor story has been neglected. Actually all my poor stories have been neglected. I do have a good reason. A very good reason. One that I’m not ready to share with my general reading audience yet as it’s still very new to me. That doesn’t excuse me to my poor stories, though.

So, since I seem to be so fired up, what did I do today? Well first I washed my hair. I hope you all remember that my hair is long, thick, has a mind of it’s own (as well as a name), and did I mention it was long? Yes, it takes an hour to wash my hair, but it feels so good now that it’s clean (and it’s so soft)! After that I started lunch-tomato soup. We have enough tomato soup to stock us through the apocalypse. Or perhaps to cause the apocalypse (tried this joke earlier on Dad and didn’t get much of a reaction). I also started writing down my inner monologue. Hopefully it will be useful for blog writing. Now I just need to get my voice recorder working so I don’t have a trillion little scraps of paper lying around where I can’t find them when I need them (the soup joke was from one such scrap that I did manage to somehow keep track of). While the soup was heating I started to write my thank you notes from Christmas. Luckily I didn’t have that many, and they have all now been written.

What other riveting adventures have I had today? You must be asking with rapt attention. The rest of my day was spent making a plushie. Well, technically two plushies. No, no, it’s not for me. Stop giving me that look! One of my friends asked for a Hojo plushie for Christmas (think FF7. She has a habit of wanting to give the bad guys hugs and make them not so evil). It’s a little late (Little?!) but he’s uber cute. That makes up for it, right? Well, if it doesn’t then the Sepheroth mini plushie (that is in my opinion even cuter) has to! Plushies take a long time, though. I finished the mini-plushie near 3am (I wanted to be in bed around 2am if that gives you any clue). And here I am, writing a blog when I’d rather be sleeping. I’m probably going to carry a cup of soda and my notebook upstairs to see if I can’t get in some quality time with TPotC.

Remember, Dad’s aren’t good judges of jokes. Just look at the ones THEY tell after all!



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  1. Commenting!

    Thought that you went to bed after I left… ^^; Guess not. Well, least it’s all done now. 🙂 Like the inner-monologue idea. Might get some really interesting stories that way.

    Talk to you later prolly!


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