Burning Bridges (aka-Down in Flames)

I really don’t want to talk about today. It has been one craptacular day. I knew it was going to be when I went to bed last night. Or rather, I should say, I had an inkling. I had no clue that it really was going to be the end of everything. There are several doors that are slamming themselves shut in my face. There are several more that I seem to have poured gasoline around and am now watching burn merrily. Yes, it really has just been one of those days.

Farewell Fifthwind Forum. May you fare well. Or not so well. I’ll continue to lurk as I am morbidly curious, but I shall be a ghost at best. You were home to me for many years. I’m very sorry to say goodbye.

Yeah, today has been a day I’d like to forget. The tangles of several ruined friendships are floating around (though I think I might have managed to salvage one of them. Thank the Lord.)

On top of all that crap, I went to see my Grandmother today. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but she’s not well. I went to see her and she was telling me about her childhood, and most especially, about my grandfather’s childhood (I never got to know him). And then my Uncle came home, demanding my grandmother’s Immediate attention for a problem he just Couldn’t Solve Himself. She solved it in about forty five seconds. He then came in and proceeded to make snide remarks about the things she was telling me (because he wanted attention for himself, I’m sure). I could have punched him. I didn’t though. I barely said anything to him, because I wanted to listen to my grandmother. I kept thinking this could be the last time I hear her voice. And it might be the last time I got to say goodbye. We’ll have to see what the following months hold.

So many things are changing. They’ll never be like they were before.

Remember, angel food cake isn’t filling enough to make a meal out of.

Comments would be nice.



  1. Yeah… It’s been a day alright… I’m here if you need me. You know that. I wish it hadn’t come to what it did, but… Well… You know…

    We’ll endure. And get through it. We have to stick together. I’m sure we can make it through.


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