First day of Class (aka-Here we go again)

I was supposed to write this blog yesterday. In fact I did start writing it yesterday. Somehow I never actually got around to finishing it so that it could go online. Hooray for me? Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s been a little bit of a hectic week. Technically, though, today was still one of the first days of classes (because of the block schedule) so I can still use the title!

I can’t say that I was overly happy to be coming back for one more semester. Memories of last term still haunt me. For those who don’t remember, let me give you a recap. I was in the library every single night from mid October until finals started in December. Many nights I’d stay until 2am, when the library officially closed, and then switch over to the all night cafe attached to the library, staying until 4 or 5 in the morning. And multiple all nighters in the same week. Surely you must remember (at least partially) me whining about all of that? Yes? Good.

These first two days of classes have been good, though. While I’m not over flowing with anticipation, I do think that I’ll have some good (and hopefully some easier!) courses this semester. If anyone is interested in my schedule, I have it up on Facebook. I don’t have exercise time in there yet (Yes, I’m going to try exercising again. Hopefully I won’t get the flu this time!), but other than that, it’s got just about everything. If anyone needs/wants it, I’m pretty sure I could get a copy of it up here.

Down sides of coming back to college? Well, aside from the stress, which does usually take front and center, I’ve developed yet another lovely symptom. College food is now doing nasty things to my digestive system. Lovely, right? Yeah, I’m hoping (and praying) that once the “welcome back to school good food” is gone my digestion will settle down. Until then I’ll have to keep apologizing to my professors for running out of the room.

And wonder of wonders, I think (please not that this is a THINK) I’ll have writing this semester. With a lesser coarse load (I hope) I should be able to write, if not during the week, then definitely on the weekends. The Place of the Cantor will be first priority, and after that I’ll try editing.

Remember, it’s only one more semester to hear me complain through. Then you get to hear me complain about a job.

Please comment.



  1. Aww… Well, I’m hoping your last semester goes well too!

    “school good food”? Last I checked it wasn’t THAT good… Know I’m not at your college, but still. College food is rarely good.

    Anywho, hope your semester goes well! You know you can grab me whenever you have an all-nighter. Hopefully work won’t interfere for me with those…


  2. Yes at least you can say you are about done. and college food is never good for you. Just remember to take care of you.


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