Ugh (aka-I’ll have a proper blog up soon, I swear)

I just submitted to the “The 2010 Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest”. That’s a science fiction contest, not my normal genre, I know. I hope it will do well, but the only people who ever hear back are the top three. Oh well, I’ll know by May 5. Right now, though, I need to get to bed (helping with a play and writing a short story in a relatively short amount of time makes for much sleep deprivation). I’ll tell you all more about everything later. For now it is time for me to sleep. So instead, I’ll leave you with some humerus name rejects (not from my story).

There is Moss on Mars
The God of War Grows Moss
Rolling Stones Gather no War Gods

Remember, contests are worth the sleep deprivation.


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