A Request (aka-I feel Awkward)

Okay, guys, I don’t normally ask these things of people, so this is going to be a little awkward for me. I found out about a program through someone I follow on Twitter that is sending books to children at two different reservations.


If you have a minute and a few dollars to spare, head on over and see if you might possibly donate something to them. I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I shopped with my wallet rather than giving the titles I really wanted to, but the books I gave are on the list, and someone is probably going to be really happy to see them. That’s the part I’m counting on. So yeah, that’s my request.

I’ll put up the movie review tomorrow. I already have it written and everything, but I want this to be center stage for a bit.



  1. It’s going to have to wait for just a bit, but I can do something. Do you know if they have some sort of way to just donate some $. I don’t know if I can just buy the books but I can donate something to the schools.

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