One Hour Writing Challenge (aka-My Entry)

Hour long writing challenge over on Lighthouse today. Here’s what I came up with for mine:

To Bury Him
A mechanical angel fell from the sky, broken wings trailing limply behind. Flames licked her frame, softly caressing her broken form. She screamed and black blood streamed from her, alighting in the flames that crept up her back. The person she carried was dead; she hadn’t been able to push him away fast enough when the enemy struck. Now she cradled his body as they fell and vowed that she would bury them both in the earth, rather than let the enemy get either of them. He was behind them, watching, waiting to see if she would pull up at the last minute, waiting to see if there would be anything left to find. She wouldn’t let him, though, she would protect the man who’d always cared for her so, even if protecting him meant burying his body in the earth of a foreign land.

The flames were close to consuming her, burning bright and hot. They melted and twisted her insides, but she continued downwards, determined. The seconds she’d been falling felt like hours, days, years, a lifetime, two. Did real angels feel such when fell from heaven? How long did they fall before finally reaching the earth? Had it hurt? Her destination still visible far below, time moved her sluggishly forward, ever earthward.

She coughed, and a spurt of flame rippled from her back. Her demise was only a matter of time now, but what would claim her first, the flames or the earth? Did it really matter? He needed a burial. She flew on.

Bits of her flaked off into the darkness, glowing bright for a moment before extinguishing forever. The earth was closer now. Shed punched through a layer of cloud, and now individual trees started to become visible. She coughed again and a second gouge of flame ripped through her, but she was going to make it. The earth was close. So close. It was here.

Tomorrow the headlines would read of a plane crash.


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