Graduation (aka-Revenge of the Mad Gardener and Other Things)

I’ve waited four long and grueling years to stand up and proudly say that I am a graduate of the College of William and Mary. I finished my last semester with the best grades yet (all B’s-many of my fellow students would be horrified that there weren’t any A’s). I graduated a week ago last Sunday. Why haven’t I posted before this though? Why because I was on a whirlwind tour of the east coast.

The Tuesday after graduation my family embarked on one of the most tiring travel experiences I’ve ever been on. Two long days in the car up to Massachusetts, two days with relatives, then two days back down to Virginia. I was very, very tempted to do away with at least one member of my family (there were five of us in the van, and that was at least one too many). I refrained, however, and we made it back to Virginia in one piece, more or less. Our finances are less than ideal at the moment, but the situation is being helped by the fact that my Dad is now down in Florida trying to keep BP’s oil out of the coastal National Parks (and getting paid rather well to do so).

So what am I doing? I am currently waiting to see if I have a job with the National Park Service as an entrance station attendant. I very much hope to get the job-they’ve called my references, which is a good sign, but the called almost a week ago, which isn’t a good sign. In the mean time I’ve been trying to keep busy around the house. This does include watering all the plants mom has inside, as well as some new ones she has outside. It also includes ripping out weeds (when I don’t have the misfortune of being relegated to watering duty). Dandelions are the most annoying; they have a really deep root-one of the ones I just pulled out was almost six inches long (and probably would have been had I been able to get down all the way to the tip of the root). Yes, the Revenge of the Mad Gardener is here.

I’ve also been writing. If you’ve been keeping tabs over on the Lighthouse Refuge Forums you’ll realize that I’ve started a new writing project. I’ve decided to give the short stories a break for a bit and try to get a novel started. I’ve done a good bit of plotting so far, but I am worried about it. I’ll probably ask a few people to beta the plotting before I start actually writing. I’ll still be working on my list of short stories-they all need to be heavily edited-but they aren’t as important as getting the novel started (the hardest part of writing is getting started, but that’s another post for another time)

I’m not sure I’m going to be posting every day like I used to. It eats up far too much time. I will hopefully be posting on a more regular basis, though. Please poke me on Lighthouse, Shocktotem, or Twitter if I don’t. Thanks!

Remember, there is no such thing as justifiable homicide, even if the person really, really deserves it.

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