What I’ll Be Doing Next Week (aka-It’s That Time Again)

We’re having vacation Bible School early this year. On the bright side that means it’s over with earlier. On the not so bright side it means I have to deal with it now and put off the job search I need to do for yet another week. I’m starting to think I’m not meant to go find a job (Or not. What I’m really starting to think is that I need to make more time for it. Meaning less time online). That, however is another rant for another time.

My mother and I are yet again doing the drama portion of the day. The bright side of this is that I’ve been assured that I’ll be able to traumatize the younger children yet again. This year instead of threatening to kill Paul (which I would like to do anyways) I get to lead them to getting ready to jump off a sinking ship. Then, just when we’re about to jump we stop the story for the day and send them on to the next group event. I’m rather looking forward to this, in case you hadn’t picked up on that (I used to get along with young children quite well, but over the years large masses of them have started to give me hives. My mother assures me this is a genetic trait as she suffers from a similar condition).

Unlike last year, we’re also changing sets every day. I’ll (hopefully) get pictures up each day to show you what we’re doing each day. It’s not as impressive as last years house, tunnel and cave (I realize I didn’t put pictures of last year’s up and I’m a little sorry for that. It was a lot of work and ended up really cool) but this year we’ll have a house, a ship, an island, a temple, and a party (the last day is a review day, apparently). Anyway, I’ll have photos for you later.

Remember, take a picture, it’ll last longer, and you can show it to people.

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One comment

  1. Kuro, I hear ya! I hate other people’s children. It comes from working in retail for nine years and seeing the horror that is considered good parenting. Yes, I love my own, but when I was asked to do story time at work, I laughed in their face…. taking care of other people’s kids and entertaining them is hard.

    Good luck with your week… 😀

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