An Old Tree (aka-TIMBER!)

I know I promised you all photos from Vacation Bible School, and they will be forthcoming. As soon as mom sends them to me like she’s been promising for more than a week now. My family owns two houses. The “old house” is the one I lived in until the age of 10 or 12. We then built our current house and let my grandmother and uncle rent the old place. Unfortunately over the past 10+ years, the place has fallen into something of a disrepair. I tried to keep up with the outside of the place a little while my grandmother was alive (or as much as I could over ever busy summer breaks). Needless to say my efforts were not nearly enough, though I’d like to think they kept the building from falling apart entirely.

As many of you know, my grandmother died this past spring. My family now needs to get the old house ready to put up onto the market. There are so many projects over there that it boggles the mind. I will have to scrape, sand and paint all the trim and all the fittings. I’ll need to remove a air conditioning unit, frame the hole, patch it, and generally make it look okay (that air conditioner has been defunct since my parents bought the place, and my parents added central air when I was very young). I’ll also need to totally redo the back porch area.

Something that needed to be taken care of rather soon, though, was taking down the old mimosa tree.

A lot has already gone by this point, but here's the tree.

It was one of my favorites while I was growing up. I’d almost call it one of the family. Unfortunately it died at the end of the season two years ago. So in an effort to start the clean up at the old house, I organized a work force to take it down (re: Me, my mother, mom’s best friend, my best friend and her boyfriend).
That tree is big enough that it would still have been a challenge to climb today.

That tree is big enough that it would still have been a challenge to climb today.

Surprisingly, though the bark was coming off, the wood of the tree wasn’t rotted at all. With a couple chain saws and quite a bit of elbow grease we manhandled the tree down without knocking down power lines or putting a hole in the roof of the old house.

And there we go. With the exception of that bit sticking up the tree is gone.

There’s a large stump left in the lawn, but we didn’t have a saw that could handle it, so we left it. Mom also ripped up the edging from around her old garden. I’ll mow over the weeds there later.

Remember, chainsaws are ALWAYS a good idea.

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  1. 😀 Chainsaw good! And it does look like that old tree was waiting for an accident, so good thing it was removed.

    And at risk of luring people into the death trap that is TV Tropes, this fits the trope, “Chainsaw Good” 😀

  2. I’m sorry about your loss. It’s never an easy thing and going through a place filled with memories is hard. Remember to take deep breaths and know that memories are our heart’s way of letting us know they never really leave us.

    Did you keep a piece of the tree for a keepsake? You should. It’ll warm you on nights you miss her. Best wishes.

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