Why Your Sign Is STILL Your Sign

I’m going to admit some annoyance about this one. The first thing I’m annoyed about is the Star-Tribune’s sensationalist reporting style. They turned the comments of an astronomer talking to other astronomers on its head and made it sound like he was not only NOT talking about his field of interest, but talking about another “field” he doesn’t believe in at all.

I am secondly annoyed with every person that’s out there putting themselves into a tizzy because suddenly the entire astrology thing isn’t what they thought it was. Seriously, if you believe in something, is your faith so weak that one report is going to change everything you ever thought about yourself?

Let’s set some things straight. First off we have what our astronomer friend, Parke Kunkle, did and did not actually say. What he did not say: The zodiac is totally out of whack, and guess what, there’s actually a 13th sign you didn’t know about!

Here’s what he did say: “I just mentioned that it’s there, and astronomers actually count it… So if you actually watch the stars in the background of the sun, it actually does go through the constellation of Ophiuchus.”

He is not talking about astrology at all; the Star-Tribune leaped to that conclusion all on their own.

So, how is it that the stars have shifted, but the zodiac has not? That’s because the zodiac is a FIXED ENTITY that is not really based on the stars, but on the seasons.

Here’s what an expert had to say:
“Basic: We adhere to the processes of western astrology which relies on the principles of Tropical Astrology laid down by Pythagoras. The shift in the zodiac lies in the world of sidereal astrology mostly adhered to in the East.

“Tropical Astrology tells us the nature of the houses based off the rotation of seasons and has remained unchanged and unshifted since their inception. If you were born in one house, your house has not changed”

Here’s an article from CNN that says the same thing.

There you go, folks. This means that the zodiac isn’t changing and neither are your signs. Angry letters to the Star-Tribune might be in order here. (If you’d like to see this fixed, you can contact their corrections department here: corrections@startribune.com ).


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