Aw Crap (I’ve done it again)

So I have a bad habit of forgetting to update my blog. I’m sure you all might have noticed by now (maybe). I really do have the best of intentions for this thing, but I never do quite make it over here to tell you all what has been happening in my life. I guess it might be because I feel obligated to write a longer post because I’ve been gone so long, or something like that. Or it might be because my life is busy and I just keep pushing this to the back burner until I completely forget about it for a while. Either way, I’m sorry to those of you that only are able to keep up with me via the blog (and I actually know there’s at least one of you out there).

So, what exciting things have happened since our last exciting installment? Well for one I have a job. For another I have a car. And for a third In Situ‘s publishing date is looming ever closer, though at this point I’m not the one who really has to worry about anything. Dagan Press’s amazing editor Carrie Cuinn ( @inkedhistorian for those of you on twitter) is taking care of all the details for her writers. She’s even got interviews from us up at . Mine is scheduled to go live on May 16th at noon. Squee!

So yes, new job. I’ll bet you think this means I haven’t been writing. Well you would be wrong. I’ve actually been working on a novella in what’s turned out to be the longest spur of the moment decision of my life (15k in a few weeks? Aw sure, I can do that. That’s only like 1k a day.) I completely forget exactly how long a process it is for me to get down 1000 words onto paper (or the computer, as the case may be). So yes, while I might not be getting 1k a day, I do have over 10,000 words written on this project, and I’m likely to pass that 15k mark and leave it crying in a corner. Lord, I just hope I have time to edit. I’d tell you what the novella is about if it were simple, but it’s kind of not. I’d even tell you a title if I had one. I suck at this marketing thing, if you couldn’t tell.

Speaking of marketing, I actually have a few other submissions out to magazines at the moment too, which is kind of rare for me. I tend to write a lot for competition and not a lot for regular submissions. Bad Kelly, bad. I’m at least mildly hopeful on the ones I have out, but I’ll let you know more when I do.

I suppose that’s all for now from me, world. I’m off to attack the clutter I’ve let build up around the house. Do keep an eye out, though, for a post on boxes I’ve made for people. I’ve had fun doing pretty, pretty things with wood. Until then,

Remember, being busy is supposed to mean being productive. Supposed to.

I appreciate any comments you care to throw my way. It makes me feel like I’m talking to someone and not just the spammers.


One comment

  1. Not a spammer here.

    Great work on the in-situ piece and everything. If it wasn’t for school and other things I’d be writing. >.< Grrr… I still wanna do that comic I mentioned to you.

    Hopefully too I'll have stuff for the novella you are working on when you're ready to share more. 🙂

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