June Kind of Sucks

Yes, the month of June is on me s*** list. Mostly because I haven’t been this busy since I was in high school. To give you a breakdown, this past Thursday we had dinner guests (though thankfully two of the eight we thought were coming didn’t show up). Today is the five year reunion of my high school class (wait, what? How can it have been that long. Oh wait, I have that other class ring on, don’t I? The one from college…). Monday we have my Dad’s cousin to dinner, then Thursday my grandparents and one set of aunt/uncle are passing through on their way to one of the Carolinas (can’t remember which). The Monday after that begins the week of hell, aka Vacation Bible School. I’ll be getting up at 8am, doing VBS until noon, then going to work, all week. That Friday my grandparents come back and this time they’re staying because that Saturday is the 75th anniversary of Shenandoah National Park. Wonderful, except that it means I’m going to be SWAMPED at work. Days when we’re full are a little better, though, because we can tell people we don’t have anywhere to move them to (Oh, my room is too hot, move me. Oh, there’s a tree blocking my view, move me. Etc). I just want to say that I hate dealing with the public. They’re stupid and think the entire world revolves around them (This mattress is too soft. Could you please bring one from another building to replace it, I don’t want to change buildings. For reference, they would have had to haul the mattress up the side of the mountain.)

I will say that after all that is over, things should start to slow down. Should. Except that I’m still working on a submission for the Fish anthology and as soon as all of this is over, the Shock Totem Flash Fiction Contest will be starting up again. And somewhere in there I want to work more on turning that novella into a book.

I hate you, June. Be July already.


I feel better now.

Anyone else having a busy summer? Let me know in comments so we can commiserate.


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