An Update on the Dinosaur

With the various “ransom” notes and taunting floating about and then the sudden silence on the topic of the dinosaur, I didn’t hold out much hope for solving the mystery (I actually just assumed he would show up on his own). But as the days passed and we drew no closer to figuring out where he was, I started to worry. Then another clue appeared.

This photo appeared on the bulliten board a few days after the dinosaur dissapeared.

We tried to figure out who’s house that was. I’m not sure if you can see it, but there’s a tire swing hanging from the tree. I talked with some of the guys who work with us and they IDed the shoe as a basketball shoe. This is interesting since only one person in the office plays basketball: my supervisor-the one who I was originally giving the dinosaur to.

Then I talked with another of the front desk agents (we’ll call her Twilight for sake of anonymity) and she told me an interesting story: she’d found the dinosaur and given it to my supervisor.

As near as I can figure, this is what happened. After I left the dinosaur, someone hid it and left a ransom note. Twilight found said dinosaur and handed it over to my supervisor. My supervisor then took it home and took it’s picture, all the while denying that she’d even seen it. By the way, the shoes don’t belong to her, they belong to her girlfriend’s son.

Yeah, just another day at the office.

Remember, always know who wears what type of shoes at your office. Especially when there’s a mystery to solve.


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