The Missing Ring

I’m willing to bet most, if not all of you, don’t know the story of how I got my college class ring. I actually won it in a raffle. This was very exciting because at the time there was no way I would have been able to afford one (and it actually still wouldn’t be practical to replace).

I’ve worn my class ring since the day I got it. In fact, I wore it up until Sunday October 9th of this year. On that Sunday I am 90% sure I wore my ring to work. At some point during the night, however, I realized it was not on my finger. I have searched everywhere I can think to search with no luck. This is a last desperate attempt-if someone found my ring and searches the internet for me, I really, really would like it back!

The ring is fairly small and silver in color. It has no stone instead the crest of William and Mary is on the band. My name is engraved on the inside. It probably would have been found somewhere on the grounds of Skyland (where I work). If you’ve seen it, please, please contact me, either here on my blog or on my facebook page. If you for some reason wish to be anonymous, you can mail it to my place of work:

Attn: Skyland Front Desk; Kelly Stiles
PO Box 727
Luray, VA 22835

What To Do if You Find a Class Ring:
First, look for identifying features. For instance in my ring (and on many others) the name is engraved inside. In some older rings only the initials might be engraved. If you are able to find the name, their school and the date they graduated, you actually have a lot of information. Use that on Facebook and Google searches. You’ll probably find the ring’s owner. On the off chance that your search turns up nothing, contact Jostens. They provide most class rings and can help track down owners. They even have a lost and found section for the really tough cases.

If anyone finds my ring, I am offering a reward. $50 and a batch of homemade cookies (which is about all I can afford).


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