Some gorgeous handmade journals.

So I’ve been working on Christmas presents like crazy, mostly for people at work. While most people requested jewelry, there were two that wanted journals. One person wanted a coptic style binding while the other requested a traditional hard bound book. I think the hardest part of the whole thing was finding the right wood to use for the coptic journal covers.

I'm sure you notice there are two. The one on the right is a birthday present for a dear friend.

I ended up using something called luan for the covers of the coptic journals. A very thin wood veneer with fiber fill and sells in sheets the size of plywood. They had to cut it up into fourths just to fit it into my small car (and I learned that yes, my back seats DO fold down). I didn’t even use half of one of those fourths making these covers. They stained very well and if I didn’t know better, I’d have said they were a solid piece. There are some small imperfections and in the future I will have to invest in some wood putty before I make another, but these look just fine the way they are.

This one was actually harder to make.

The traditionally bound journal I made took slightly less time than the coptic journals because I wasn’t waiting for multiple layers of stain and polyurethane to dry, just glue. On the other hand it did involve multiple layers of glue and paper glued to the spine for reasons I never quite understood, but which will hopefully make the journal sturdy and long lasting.

And there is a shot of the spine work.

I realized too late the camera focused on the carpet and not the book.

I really like how these all turned out. The only down side is that now I have a bunch of extra materials left and I’m not planning on making more for Christmas presents. I was thinking, though. If anyone was interested, I could make some for your Christmas presents. Got someone on your list you think would want a journal? Let me know if anyone is interested. At this point I’m just trying to cover the costs of my materials (and get rid of a little of the excess).

If you’re interested you can reply here or message me on twitter, I’m @LadyKuro there as well.


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