What the Hell, America?

Normally I’m not political on this blog. Normally I’m anti-political, I’ve even written a blog about it. I do in fact, hate politics, which is why I’ve hesitated on writing this blog. The rights of women are being attacked, there is no question about that, and that’s politics. Like Texas nixing women’s health care. We are past the point of politics, though. We are so far past them that the person hood of women is being called into question.

I wish I was kidding when I say this, but I’m not. Women and their reproductive rights are being compared to that of livestock. Excuse me, but I’m a human being, just in case you hadn’t noticed! So what if cows and pigs carry stillborn infants to term? Why should that matter in the care of human women? It shouldn’t. A miscarriage is devastating enough, why are you going to compound a woman’s loss and force her to carry that child to term, even after it’s dead? Do you normally carry dead things around in your body? Just in case you do, I want to tell you, IT IS NOT HEALTHY.

Worse yet, there’s a bill in Arizona that would protect doctors who don’t inform women that their pregnancy is endangering their lives. Uh, excuse me, WHAT?! A doctor’s profession is to save lives. How is the life of the mother so invaluable that she doesn’t even deserve the right to be told that she might die? Sure she’s more likely to abort the fetus, but you know something, if she wanted that baby, I’m pretty damn sure she’s going to want another. And maybe the next pregnancy won’t be so dangerous to her health.

I haven’t even gotten to the best part, though. I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking “really, how much more can there be?” I haven’t told you about the part where some people are talking about taking away women’s right to vote. Ann Coulter thinks that because some women do not agree with her point of view, the entire gender should be disallowed to vote. What. The. Hell. Excuse me, when did our democracy change over to a dictatorship? Everyone has a right to their own point of view, and the point of voting is to express that point of view. Ms. Coulter, may I kindly suggest you go live in the Middle East somewhere? I’m sure you’ll be much happier in an ultra conservative country where you’re not allowed to go anywhere without a male chaperone and have to be covered from head to toe.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, but what the hell is this bull shit?


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  1. Unfortunately Kuro this is what happens when the words socialized medicine come about. I’m not saying any of it’s right. It’s far from that but it is what happens. Everyone tries to find ways to cut what they can and get rid of things they don’t think are necessary. We as people see them as necessary but those in charge may not. I’m firmly against a socialized medical system for many reason and one of them is the care a person receives.

    Here in the UK they have socialized medicine and I’ve seen it at work several times now. Rez’s dad has heart problems and the doctors here knew it but did nothing until he had two massive heartaches and nearly died. Suddenly then they wanted to help and make sure he was okay. The thing is he could have died and they would have just wrote it off as bad heart problems. They wouldn’t have looked and seen that he had been waiting over 3 years to see a heart doctor about the problem. They wouldn’t have batted an eye. Most of them wouldn’t even know his name because he would be just another number.

    Beyond that while I have been here Rez got bad food poisoning. We called his doctor and was told to give it a few days and he would be fine. We did that and he continued to have really bad diarrhea. We called again as the problem was continuing, they told him to get some Imodium and he should be alright. Almost a week an half later he was still having problems with taking the Imodium and that is when the doctor finally sent him to the hospital because he was dehydrated. I thought okay finally something is being done. I was pretty wrong. We had no way of getting to the hospital in any quick means. I have no car here and the bus was going to be a half an hour just to get to the stop and hour to get to the hospital. I finally paid for a taxi to take him that cost me about 12 quid. We got to the hospital and got to stand for 30 minutes while the women put information into the computer and messed up room numbers. Finally we got sent back and the room they gave us someone was already in. That took 10 minutes to get sorted and then we were in the room. I was like cool this is all sorted now. WRONG!!!! First of all they tried to get blood from a dehydrated person. That’s hard no matter. They poked him for blood 10 different times which as far as I can remember is not good to do to someone who is dehydrated. Also did I mention that they didn’t give him any kind of IV to hydrate him. No they gave him a pitcher of water and a glass and said drink this. It took all I had not to get up and say what they hell I can do this at home. Why did we even come here.

    We spent over 5 hours at the hospital and got little of nothing done. All I can say is he got a free dinner….. It was the worst excuse for a service I have every seen. Everyone here is a number though. No one knows your name in the medical field and no one cares. Your just another number. Our hospitals at home are pretty quite and respectful. The ones here are more like walmart associates who are laughing and goofing off. More worried about their evening plans then their patience.

    I don’t want this in my country and I don’t want the bills the you have talked about. I think it’s high time we told the government that we want the health care that we have enjoyed for so long and want to keep it that way. Were far better off both in the line of care and the line of technology. The most high tech thing in Rez’s room was the bathroom….how sad is that.

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