Happy Fourth!

I haven’t given you a real blog post in a while, and sorry, you’re not getting one now. My grandparents have been here. Love having them, but it makes things busy. Instead, here are some pictures of my 4th of July.

Grill Master dad at work making kabobs for dinner. They were delicious.

And we can’t forget the fireworks.

I forgot my camera, so these are all what I could get on my phone. I’ve cropped them because I couldn’t zoom.

As always, they were much more spectacular in person. My phone just doesn’t do them justice.

My grandparents went with us. This is the type my grandmother liked best.

Even though they have a company come and do theirs in their town, my grandparents said they liked our display better. I’ve been to their display. It’s very loud and bright. I like watching ours from a little bit of a distance.

So yeah, there’s my 4th of July in a nutshell. I hope everyone out there who celebrates the 4th had a safe, happy day.

Remember, forest fires are bad. Starting one with fireworks is just dumb.


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