November Update

It’s over! It’s over! I’ve made it through October! The giant is slain and it is done!

My Season’s Done. So What Now?

What now indeed? Well to start I’m going to try not to doze off as I type this blog post. October is a physically and mentally exhausting month for a variety of reasons, the majority of which have to do with the fact that everyone in the world descends upon us to watch out leaves die in colorful ways. Now that fall foliage is over and the local flora mostly dead they have cut us (the seasonal rangers) loose to drift slowly to the ground. Or something like that. I do have some “free time” since I won’t be working the rest of the year (probably), but I also have things to occupy that time.

What are my priorities?

1. Getting some rest.
As I said, last month was the very draining end to a long season. If you’ll remember, earlier this season I was actually working seven days a week. It’s been four days since the end of the season and I’m still finding myself dozing off on the couch, despite getting quite a bit of sleep. I’ll probably spend the rest of the month recuperating before I start getting stuff together for the Christmas Season.

2. Helping family.
My grandparents are getting older and are having some health problems. I am on call, so to speak, for going up to help them out. If and/or when they ask me to come up, I will be going. I am not sure how long I will be up there, but it could be until Thanksgiving or longer. Or I might not be going at all. It is rather up in the air right now, but I am ready to go if they need me.

3. Writing.
I now have several months in which I (supposedly) have nothing better to do than buckle down and get some real writing accomplished. While it is true that I might not have as much free time as some people are insinuating, I am trying to get some writing done. I have quite a few projects to work on, not the least of which is a book. I am a slow writer, though, so it’s probably a good thing I have a few months to use.

4. Having a Social Life.
My job is very taxing, and there are weeks where I really don’t want to see that many people outside of work. Now that the job is done, though, I can rebuild my reserves and think about seeing people (and possibly even going out in public) without cringing. Hopefully it won’t take too long to be ready to go again.

So that’s where I am this month. There are a couple other things going on as well; some of my categories could have sub-categories attached. I’ll just add that I think this is a very well deserved break, and I’m going to try and use it well.


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