About the Author

Kelly Stiles is an upcoming author and has been published in a recent issue of of Fireside Magazine, in the In Situ anthology, and at With Painted Words.

Kelly a co-editor for Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi. She is also the Assistant Acquisitions Editor in charge of novellas for Dagan Books. Her day job is in the local national park.

You can find Kelly in numerous places online including Twitter, Facebook and the Shock Totem forum.


One comment

  1. Thought I’d follow up on you, and this is where I find you! Published! Well, I guess congratulation are in order. You’ve come such a long way since deviant art, which I was sad to find you no longer frequent (Not that I frequent it much myself anymore, Time constraints). I’d like a link to the story if that’s possible. Or I’d like to know the title and where I might be able to purchase the magazine. I don’t know if Raging waters is down off deviant art, but I saw in your journal that you were planning on taking it down for hte rewrite. I hope you’ll let me know how that goes, and if and when it gets published. I would be very interested in reading the finished product.

    ~An old friend

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