The Stories

What’s Published
Just a Couple Modifications-A piece of flash fiction that will be published in an upcoming edition of Fireside Magazine

Relevant Information From the Tel Najmah Site-A short story published in the IN SITU anthology.

The Natural End of a Clockwork Boy-A short story published through With Painted Words.

Night Comes Softly-A micro fiction piece published by Fantasy Magazine.


Currently Submitted

They Call Me Dreadful (short story)
The Journal of Dr Khariton Marcov (short story)


Works in Progress (ranked in order of which I’m working on)

Raging Water (working title)-A serious novel set in my largest world. The story line has been totally reworked since the last time I touched it. I’m basically starting from scratch, and happy about it. Outline: 100% Complete; Prewrite: 1%

The Dark Eyed Ones-The old tree is a legend in town. Too bad the truth is worse than the stories they tell. This was a surprise novel that stemmed from a novella competition. I’m hoping to fast track this one. Completion Level: 66%

The Prophet’s Cat-What happens when you take a biblical story and add an interesting, inconspicuous, but odd helper from God? You get a story like this. Completion Level: 30%

Please keep in mind I don’t update as often as I should and the information on this page might be outdated.

An example of some old not so serious writing (that needs quite an edit): The Great Chicken Flood


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