An Introduction to Our Party

What is Our Party?

Our Party is a cracktastic story that riffs on D&D, high fantasy, and even some anime tropes.

Where did Our Party come from?

From me, of course. More specifically, though, Our Party was inspired several years ago by a friend who was talking about their first D&D party. We then proceeded to talk for most of the night about what a party made up of our friends would be like.

Are the characters of Our Party real people?

No. The characters of Our Party are fictional characters based on real people. Only Ailbhe and Iain have direct input from the people their characters are based on.

When will the next chapter come out?

Whenever I remember to put it out. I write several chapters ahead and send them to certain people who enjoy them. If I have reminder comments on the blog that people are waiting for more, I’m more likely to publish the next chapter.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have about Our Party in the comments.


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