The Chapters of Our Party

Chapter 1: Our Healer Sucks
Chapter 2: How We Kidnapped a Bard
Chapter 3: The Berserker Goes Shopping
Chapter 4: The Healer Saves the Day
Chapter 5: Treasure of the Worst Kind
Chapter 6: The Coffee of Macho
Chapter 7: An Unscheduled Side Trip
Chapter 8: Class Shuffle
Chapter 9: Horse Thieves
Chapter 10: Ciardhe Strikes Again
Chapter 11: Paladins are Epic
Chapter 12: Dragon Bait
Chapter 13: A Different Kind of Bait
Chapter 14: Why We Need a Wizard
Chapter 15: The Lake Effect
Chapter 16: When We Gave the Healer a Pink Slip
Chapter 17: Soothsayers are Dicks
Chapter 18: Enter the Monks
Chapter 19: Monks in a Brothel
Chapter 20: The Questionable Miracle of a Questionable Paladin
Chapter 21: Who’s Your Daddy…I Mean Deity?
Chapter 22: Infultraiting the Enemy


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