The Characters of Our Party

The Party

Ailbhe: She’s a paladin, though no one is really sure how. She swears, lies, cheats and does any number of other questionable activities in the name of “good”. The god Kogan (please note, no standard spelling of his name available) is willing to overlook a multitude of shit as long as it’s funny.

Iain: The party’s resident berserker, emergency virgin sacrifice, and supplier of snark. He’s been friends with both Ailbhe and Ciardhe for as long as he can remember, though the reasons why have slipped his mind. He draws his berserker energies from the god Omeck, patron deity of battle, trickery, coffee, and certain forms of ‘wrestling’.

Ciardhe: The party’s ineffective healer. Her patron diety is the demi-goddess Rethay, spirit of fertility and harvest. She is also according to some (Iain) the patron goddess of whales.

Seamus: A bard who was not originally part of the group. Ailbhe kidnapped him to avoid having to take on a different person. Strangely he seems to be getting along with the party (probably stockholm syndrome).

Minor Characters (that we might see more than once)
In order of their first appearance

The Priestess: Priestess of god knows what. No really, only he knows. We don’t want to.

Hellspawn (Seasnan): A child from the deepest pits of hell. Ciardhe picked it up during a side quest. She’s been nothing but trouble since. Thankfully she’s found herself a guardian.

Arth: Ranger, horse theif, idiot.

The Innkeeper: An unnamed character, and yet somehow the Party keeps ending up at his place. This last time, however, he seems to have run off for some “religious experience”.

Fandango the Technicolored: The idiot who volunteered to take Hellspawn off the party’s hands. All he wanted in return was some help with a dragon. What could possibly go wrong? The term “pulling a Fandango” is also named after him.


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