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Just a Few Updates

I should have updated this a week ago and I didn’t. Life got busy, blah, blah, blah. I’m updating now.

I suppose the first thing I should tell you is that I have a job. Not a new job, my old job (though surprisingly I did get a slight raise). I am happy to have a job, that is one less worry for me. I am not, however, particularly pleased to go back, even if it is with a new company. The last season made me very wary of the job and I imagine we’ll all be jumping at old shadows.

Speaking of new jobs, I am now officially a reader for Goldfish Grimm and we need submissions! Things have been a little sluggish since we started up again.

Next up I have some pretty, pretty journals for you to stare at.


I made this for Jaym Gates(Mornara) as a belated birthday/yule present. She assures me she likes it.

This was made for my grandmother. She specifically asked for it the previous year (but didn't remember she had). Now she likes it, but doesn't know what to write in it!

This was made for my grandmother. She specifically asked for it the previous year (but didn’t remember she had). Now she likes it, but doesn’t know what to write in it!

Oh, if you like there are a couple of good kickstarters going on right now that need some help. Fireside Magazine pays well to put out quality writing:

Long Hidden is an anthology full of speculative fiction from marginalized people of history:

Finally I will say a little about my writing. I have been trying to submit more, and while I have been on a couple of short lists, I have yet to get another piece published. It is discouraging, but I will continue to write, revise and submit. Writing is mostly practice anyhow.

Remember, the journals are for sale!


I Have Gone to the Dark Side (aka-I have a Twitter account now)

Yes, I have committed unspeakable evil, and the atrocities are something I can never atone for. I will admit, I never thought I’d get on Twitter. I still dislike it. Random people are watching me and reading what I write-oh wait, that’s the whole point of being an author. Yes, having three absolutely random people follow me was more ‘scary’ than anything else. But, if you want to follow me, my user name there is the same as it is here: Ladykuro. Funny, I only thought about using my real name as the screen name after I’d created the account. Oh well, it’s fine I guess. If they want me to change it later, I suppose I will (they being whoever becomes my agent..when I get that far down the road, so not for a while yet). For now, though, these two will be quite sufficient. Before I hear anyone tell me what a hypocrite I am for signing up for twitter (I’ve said in the past that I wouldn’t’) I do have reasons. Several in fact. 1)I’ve been told for a while that I need to network more if I’m going to have any hope of getting published. Twitter serves to help with that. 2)I hear all of these great quotes around W&M, and I just feel the urge to share/inflict them with/upon the world. 3)Robin McKinley, my favorite author, just got her own Twitter account. Yes, that last reason is the one that tipped me in favor of getting the account (though I did have to wait until after the story and midterm were done to even sit down and look at the site). And yes, she was the one that tipped the scales in favor of having a blog (when I found out that she had one I decided to get on of my own.)

So, other than evil, what’s new? Well, after a night of sleep (and another four hour nap) I looked at last night’s blog and discovered it wasn’t as crisp and coherent as it was when I wrote the bugger. I guess that’s what I get for writing when I should be sleeping. Like now.

Also new is the damp. Yes, it has been raining nonstop since yesterday. I have discovered, however that dampness is invading my dorm. Paper is sticking together (and causing printers to have seizures) and even sealed food items are being affected. I am not happy. Ida needs to move along. She’s not even getting me out of any of my classes (like William and Mary would cancel more than they could reasonably get away with. No, they want us in class. As absolutely much as possible. Yeeeesssss, Learning! You will Learn!)

Anansi has also been visiting of late. I have two more related dreams (related in the sense that they have the same setting and could feasibly take place in the same world). Very pleasing in that I’m getting story details. A pain in tush in that I don’t have time to write them down.

Remember, just keep repeating, networking is good, networking is good.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved

New Record (aka-The Bringer of Doom)

I am now the “Bringer of the Doom that is Fantasy LOL Speak”. Yes, I’ve done something irreversible to the Fifthwind Forum. And while it hasn’t had a huge burst of activity other than at the beginning (yet), it did set a record of the most people ever on the forum at the same time (21). So, I think that is worth the trauma that it might have inflicted on some of our more venerable patrons (*cough*Fifthwind*cough*). As Mornara said, though, we do need to remind everyone that we moderators aren’t tame little beings every now and then. So, while I sit her grinning impishly and think of more LOL phrases (Princess: I iz sittin in da towah, lookin all pretties. Iz mah only function.) I suppose I should relate something of only marginally more importance.

I got out of going with my father and my Nana to the hospital. I honestly did have things that I was going to do today. Like finish some of the cleaning that I started yesterday. And try to write that story for Creative Writing today. I have to say, I did succeed in the cleaning part. There is now no more of the drawer junk on my floor (most of what was on the floor either disappeared back into the appropriate drawer, or came downstairs. The floor in my room now looks a lot cleaner, so yay for that! I still have a lot more to do before I leave, but at least that and the hanging up of clothing is taken care of.

Did I mention it’s been a little too long since I’ve gone through those drawers? Yeah, I found night gowns that I haven’t worn since I basically moved into the house. To give you an idea, the sleeves are more than six inches too short, and what used to be full length nightgowns barely come to my knees. All of the clothing I can no longer fit into will be donated to the local thrift store. I hope some little girl out there will like those things as much as I did at that age!

The other thing that happened this morning was that I figured out what I’m going to do with the yet to be named short story for my creative writing class. Now I just have to convince myself to write the darn thing. Part of the problem with this is that the teacher wants the assignment written in the present tense, and I really, really hate the present tense. I’ll probably end up writing two versions of the thing, one in present tense, one in past tense. Or maybe not. Anyways, when I’m finished with the first draft, I’ll put it up on the forum under Kuro’s Assignments and you all can be the judge. The Great Chicken Flood is already up there.

After that story is written, I have two things to edit before I can get to work on Goodnight Earth again, so it looks like I’ll be getting a fresh look at that story the next time I see it after all.

Remember, trauma to others can be funny when delivered in small doses. Making it a hobby doubles the fun.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.

Upcoming (aka-What’s a filler blog?)

Please excuse the suspiciously early blog. I have relatives who are due to arrive at any moment and I don’t know when I might have the chance to get on again today (though I WILL be on again before I go to bed. It’s just a matter of when). I will be seeing two of my cousin’s children (sweet little things who would actually make one think about having children of their own for a moment). I have to say, I’ve only met one of them once, so it’ll be very nice to get to play with them. I’ll probably tell you all more about their visit tomorrow.

The other thing I should say something about right now is filler blogs. I think (or at least hope) I’ve mentioned that in a few days (Friday to be precise) I will be getting my wisdom teeth out. I do not plan on being coherent during this time. In fact, I plan on being conspicuously drugged up on prescription pain killers for a few days (or more likely asleep for a few days). This being said, I won’t be subjecting you all to my addled state of mind (not that it isn’t usually addled). Instead I will be posting (or having someone else log in to post) filler blogs. Never fear, I will try to make said filler blogs interesting (I’ve already written the first one). Now, this being said, seeing the success of certain other authors while on mind altering substances, I will attempt to write something while on the prescription drugs (if I’m feeling up to it). If anything turns out well, I’ll be sure to let you all know about it. If it turns out the way I’m sort of expecting it to (rambling and generally making no sense) then you probably will hear a ‘it didn’t work out’ and then nothing more about it ever again. Unless I decide to announce when I’m going to burn the thing.

Speaking of writing, I have some good news. I was able to finish up the paper version of Goodnight Earth last night. In terms of editing, this means the roughest draft has been set down on paper. What I will edit while typing it into the computer will be considered my first draft. Then I get to go through it and do the necessary line by line edit to make it readable (it’s totally up to Mornara if she wants to read either of these-the before or after line by line). This does mean that the first hard part (actually writing it) is over. I’m hoping that since I have a little better idea of what I’m getting myself into this time, editing might be a little easier than it was with Calling Down the Rain (I hope at least some of you all remember that nightmare). I probably won’t start on the edits right away, though, because I need to do the first piece for my school assignments. It’s only about two and a half pages single spaced, though, so I should hopefully be able to bang it out either today or tomorrow (I’m going to start on it after I finish this blog) so wish me luck.

Remember, just because others can write well on drugs doesn’t mean you can.

Comments make me feel loved, and let me know people are still reading.

Reboot (aka-The #1 reason I want to do serious harm to my computer)

I really hate the feature on a computer that thinks it’s smarter than you and that it can tell you that it knows when the best time to reboot the computer is. Now it does give you what it thinks is fair warning, five minutes should be plenty of time, right? I hate my computer, because it always chooses the five minutes when I’m away from my computer to restart (I think it’s a game it plays, trying to see how many times it can reboot itself while you’ve stepped away from the keyboard for a moment to do something. It’s winning, by the way.) By the way, I’d started this blog before I was asked to help make Jell-O for tonight’s desert (my Nana is here. The presence of guests at dinner is the only reason you will find for my family eating a regulated desert.) As I’m stirring the Jell-O, I hear the sound of my computer shutting down. I really hate this machine.

In other news, I have yet to begin packing. Now, this doesn’t mean I have yet to start getting ready for the trip. I’ve bought all my food, and I know where all my clothes are (though a couple pieces do need some minor repairs made to them before I deem them wearable again. This is especially true of the darn black chemise.) Besides that, though, most of what I have to do is organize everything in one pile, so that when my ride comes to pick me up tomorrow, all I’m doing is helping him carry stuff. If I’m lucky I’ll be either beading or writing for the entire seven hour trip (though I might switch off driving with him if he gets tired).

Oh, and by beading, I mean putting an edging onto pretty bags that I will hopefully be giving to people as Christmas gifts. This entails stringing bead onto string in cool little designs. Actually, you can do almost any kind of a fringe or scalloped edge with beads if you go about it the right way. It’s fairly simple and something I think can be done in the car (emphasis there on think), so we’ll just have to see. I intend to sew the bags on mom’s surger, but if that doesn’t get done, oh well, I’ll just hand sew the things.

As for Calling Down the Rain, I am desperately trying to get it done before I leave tomorrow (hopefully to send it out in tomorrow’s mail.) I still have to finish the last grammatical edit (my mom went over it and caught a few last things). That shouldn’t take to long. What I’m really worried about is the cover letter. I’ve never been good at those things. We’ll have to see how it goes, though, because I don’t have that much time.

The other main thing I have to do tonight is that book review for Mornara. I don’t think it will take me that long (once again, the emphasis there is on the word ‘think’). Hopefully I’ll get everything done. No, check that, I know I’ll get everything done. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep tonight.

Remember, computers are not smarter than you. They just think they are.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.

A Publishing Journey (aka-Where can I Find What I’m Looking For?!)

I’ve spent most of the day looking through my Writer’s Market books, trying to figure out where I could send Calling Down the Rain. The problem with this is that it refuses to let itself be pulled into one specific genre and sit there like a good little story. I mean it’s part fantasy, and part paranormal. And then it won’t let itself get classified as far as tone goes either. It isn’t a light piece (a little girl dies for Lord’s sake), but it also isn’t on a Lovecraftian level either as far as the darkness, horror and trauma goes. So, where does that leave me? With a whole lot of rather vague choices to try to pick from. I almost wish that I had fewer choices, but with the way things are going, I might need to submit to almost every single one of the ones I have marked. Or not.

The annoyance of looking at page after page of people who wanted nothing at all to do with fantasy finally got to me and I went to bake cookies instead. Or well, that’s my excuse anyways (I swear I’m ADHD on the computer. Kind of the opposite of my brother. Where as he can concentrate really well on one thing while on the internet, I have to be doing a million things at once. Check that, I’m trying to do a million things at once, which usually ends in me doing things in really little chunks and nothing really getting done at all. Is it any wonder that I do my first writing on paper when I don’t at least won’t have any other distractions that beep at me wanting to RP?). So, I have cookies to take with me to Pennsic on Friday now. I’m sure that while they won’t taste quite as absolutely awesome as they do today, they will still be pretty darn good when I give them to their Excellencies.

After making cookies, I went back to looking for a place to get published. By the way, for anyone who’s seriously looking for someone who can read their story and tell them yay or ney, I would very much suggest investing in a copy of the Writer’s Market. It’s been VERY helpful in my search for something suitable, though it’s rather too bad that about half of the places I would have loved to send Calling Down the Rain (hereafter known as CDtR) had closed recently do to the recent turn of events in the economy. So, I’m left instead with things I’d rather not contemplate.

By the by, I did eventually decide to send it to Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, just so I can say that I tried. They are one of the most prestigious magazines out there. And hey, if I get my work in there I can get it ANYWHERE. Or just about anywhere. I hope. I’m not sure that CDtR is fantasy enough for them, though. Oh well, if I don’t get it published there, I’ll try somewhere else. I’m thinking after reading their site, though, that if I do Goodnight Earth well enough that they might accept that. And that is perfectly alright with me. I know poor CDtR doesn’t want to play nice with the other literature, but there’s not really anything I do about it at this point without completely changing the story (and you know I’m not going to do that when I’m happy with it as is). So, I’m going to print it and a cover letter and hopefully send it off tomorrow. We’ll have to see what happens, but don’t expect to hear about it again for at least two months.

A random aside sent to me by Mornara: I’m not the only one with house spirit problems, though this poor gentleman’s might be of a more corporeal sort.

Remember, keep an eye on your plumbing, you never know what those house spirits will hide next!

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Fixing Stoves (aka-No More Musical Burner)

So after making a quick attempt to clean my room this morning (and discovering more writing notebooks in my possession than I’d previously thought possible), I decided to go downstairs to attempt to finish up Calling Down the Rain. While I was in the living room typing away, I heard banging in the kitchen. Now, I knew my brother was still in bed (he went to bed after I did, and that was pretty late in and of itself), so that meant it was either my dad or the cat in the kitchen. And I was really hoping from the sounds I was hearing that it wasn’t the cat. So, being the adventurous type, I went to see what dad was breaking in the kitchen. I walk in to find most of the stove top disassembled and several crispy pieces of hardware relocated to the counter top.

Now, I suppose I should explain to everyone that our stove has been on the fritz for..lets just say it’s been a really, really long time. The burners had the alarming tendency not to want to work unless a pot was put on the juuuuust right. That is to say when they decided to work at all. For a while there we were down to just the back left burner before two of the others decided that they wanted to play again. After a small fiasco with last week’s dinner, dad finally decided he’d had enough (rather, he finally experienced the problems the rest of us had been complaining about forever). So he went to the place where we got the stove from originally and got replacement burners. Expensive replacement burners. And little boxes (the guy at the appliance store knew enough to tell dad that if the burners looked a certain way, those boxes needed to be replaced too.) So yes, I tested the new burner/boxes and cooked soup. And it cooked without crackling, popping, turning off and refusing to turn back on, or a host of other annoying problems that have plagued us.

On to bigger topics. Between yesterday and today, I have more page views than I’ve gotten since I joined (which in and of itself is pretty sad). I suppose this means I need to do more blogs on serious writing and less talking about myself and my day. Well, we’ll see, though I suppose I probably could be talked into doing a once a week serious writing discussion (or something like that). I know that I need to do some writing workshops for The Fifthwind Forum because of all the new and somewhat inexperienced writers I’ve been pulling in. They’ve got a start, but quite a few need some nudges in the right direction (just like I did when I was that new a writer). So, once a week for spiked page views!

On the related note of slightly inflated page views, apparently you can’t use the word “misanthropy” without people jumping on you, expecting your blog to contain the dark words of a tortured soul. Or something like that (for those of you who aren’t vocab nerds like me, misanthropy means a general fear or distrust of other human beings that can range from mild to outright hatred). Don’t believe me? Take a look at this. Poor Mornara puts up with so much crap.

So, on to Calling Down the Rain. I got a two more reviews back today. Just a few nit picky things from Morn, and one thing from Amber. Apparently I’m being a little too subtle with a certain point, so before I send it off, I have to make it absolutely clear who killed who and who made the rain come. Luckily I should be able to kill two birds with one stone just by showing who did the killing, but we’ll have to see. To be absolutely sure I’ll need to test it on yet another fresh reader. Probably my mom.

Remember misanthropy is not a word to be taken lightly, so use it with care.

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