New Jersey

Protect Your Family – A True Story of Outsmarting Scammers

Gather around everyone. I have a story to tell you. This is a true story about my family. This story took place a week or so ago.

To set the backstory, you must first know my brother is almost done with college and looking for a permanent job. He is also not the best when it comes to money.

The story begins with my brother. Last week he drove in to Washington for a job interview. On the way home he ran out of gas. He had to call my parents for help because he had no money. This is not the story, this is the prologue. It is important, though, because it means we know, 100% know, where my brother is.

The next day, my grandparents, who live in New Jersey, received a phone call.

“Hello, Grandpa! This is your grandson,” said the caller.

My grandfather glancing over at my grandmother. “Kevin, is that you?”

“Yes, this is Kevin, your grandson,” said the caller.

“How are you, Kevin?” Grandpa asked.

“Not so good,” said the man on the line, “I’m in jail down in Texas and I need $1500 to make bond.”

“You’re in jail in Texas and you need $1500 to make bond?” Grandpa repeated, glancing again at my grandmother, who was sitting at the kitchen table.

“That doesn’t sound like Kevin,” she whispered as the caller continued.

“One of my friends died so I went to Texas to attend the funeral,” the man on the line said.

Grandpa repeated it so Grammy could hear.

Grammy shook her head. “That just doesn’t sound right. I’m sure Joy would have told us if someone Kevin was that close to had died.”

“After the funeral some other friends and I went out drinking. I got drunk and there was a fight at the bar. That’s why I sound funny, I got punched in the mouth. As we were driving away from the fight, the cops caught us. I was very drunk, so they locked me up,” the caller said.

“No, no that’s not right,” Grammy said with conviction this time. “Kevin would never do anything like that.”

Grandpa nodded.

“I need you to wire me $1500,” the caller said. “Here’s my account.”

Grandpa wrote down the number and then hung up the phone. Then he picked it up again and called my brother.

My brother, unfortunately, was sound asleep, and so rather groggy. He was, however, able to confirm two things. First, he was not and had never been in Texas and second, he had no desire for my grandparents to send him money.

My grandfather then hung up with Kevin and called a less groggy person to talk to-my father. After a short talk they determined it was a scam. My grandparents, while not affluent themselves, live in an affluent area. Grandpa agreed with my father that the best course of action would be to take the account number to the police.

The moral of this story, ladies and gentlemen, is that there are jerks in this world. Talk with your relatives, make sure they know this kind of scam exists. Not everyone is as sharp as my grandparents. Not everyone will see through the ruse. Don’t let your loved ones become victims.

Epilogue-after the phone call with my grandfather, my dad texted my brother. It went something like this:

Dad-Grandpa just called. He said you said you were in Texas. Are you?

Kevin-Nope, Arkansas.

Dad-What are you doing there?

Kevin-Trying to get the money together to get the hell out.


Dad-Home yet?

Kevin-Nope, stuck in Tennessee now.


Kevin-According to Kelly’s sense of direction that’s halfway between Arkansas and Home.

The End