Just a Few Updates

I should have updated this a week ago and I didn’t. Life got busy, blah, blah, blah. I’m updating now.

I suppose the first thing I should tell you is that I have a job. Not a new job, my old job (though surprisingly I did get a slight raise). I am happy to have a job, that is one less worry for me. I am not, however, particularly pleased to go back, even if it is with a new company. The last season made me very wary of the job and I imagine we’ll all be jumping at old shadows.

Speaking of new jobs, I am now officially a reader for Goldfish Grimm and we need submissions! Things have been a little sluggish since we started up again.

Next up I have some pretty, pretty journals for you to stare at.


I made this for Jaym Gates(Mornara) as a belated birthday/yule present. She assures me she likes it.

This was made for my grandmother. She specifically asked for it the previous year (but didn't remember she had). Now she likes it, but doesn't know what to write in it!

This was made for my grandmother. She specifically asked for it the previous year (but didn’t remember she had). Now she likes it, but doesn’t know what to write in it!

Oh, if you like there are a couple of good kickstarters going on right now that need some help. Fireside Magazine pays well to put out quality writing:

Long Hidden is an anthology full of speculative fiction from marginalized people of history:

Finally I will say a little about my writing. I have been trying to submit more, and while I have been on a couple of short lists, I have yet to get another piece published. It is discouraging, but I will continue to write, revise and submit. Writing is mostly practice anyhow.

Remember, the journals are for sale!


Yawns (aka-I can’t do what I used to)

Senior year of high school I could stay up until two in the morning and then get up at 5am to do my calculus homework (before going back to bed at 6am and getting up at 8am). My first year of college I found out that I could go for three days straight without sleep, but after the first two it wasn’t worth going to class anymore because you weren’t going to absorb any new information. After that first semester of college I didn’t keep the same schedule. Gradually I’ve been adding hours to what I consider my ‘required amount of sleep’ without even realizing it. Last semester I was getting on average 6 hours of sleep a night (the one time I did pull an all-nighter, I was as tired the next morning as I had been after three days of no sleep the beginning of freshman year). Somehow during the summer that was upgraded to 8-8 1/2 hours, which is what it has generally stayed at for the beginning of this school year. Unfortunately now that I’m starting to have to do more work in a lessened time frame, I’m starting to get less sleep-I’m back down to about six hours a night, and my body is threatening to throw a fit (or at least trying to threaten me that it’s going to get sick while I have exams and such coming up. I’m once again in active prevention mode. I absolutely refuse to get sick.)

So, what does this mean? I suppose generally it means that I’m getting old. I suppose that it also means that I’ve run down my body to the point where it can’t recover quite like it used to. That of course means that I can’t do all the ‘wild and crazy’ things I did freshman year (if wandering the streets of Colonial Williamsburg until all hours of the morning with friends can be considered wild and crazy. I even got up for classes the next morning. Most of the time anyways.) It also means that I’m trying to schedule more intelligently. If 8am classes were killer back in freshman year, I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like to take one now with my current sleep habits. I very much like waking up at 8:30, and like it even more that I don’t have to be anywhere until at least 10am (MWF I have my first class at 10am, and TR I have work at 10am. I use the down time from when I get up until my first class to do my readings for the day). With the new, more hectic schedule, part of my body’s rebellion is to refuse to wake up until 9:30ish, and then to demand a nap mid day. While I certainly feel better for having the nap, it’s eating up too much of my time. I’m going to have to figure out a solution to this soon if I want to have any hope of getting everything done.

Remember, even at 21, you’re OLD!

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Time (aka-Something I Lack at the Moment)

If you hadn’t noticed, my posts are starting to become somewhat sporadic (if not somewhat fragmented. I do try to avoid the latter, though). I’m going to say that while this is due in part to my poor time management skills, there is also a large quantity of this that is due to the sheer quantity of work and other time consuming efforts that are eating my time this semester. A large part of this are the readings that I’m doing. I’m taking two religion classes, a history class, and an English class. Things are really starting to bog me down. I’m getting to the point of prioritizing the readings again. This also doesn’t even touch on the creative writing class. I’m doing 4-5 edits of papers a week, plus working on my next story, plus doing revisions for the story I’ve already turned in. Oh, did I tell you all about that by the way? It’s a trip, let me tell you.

While I admit that they have some valid points, it’s still disheartening to see your story ripped to shreds. Yes, I know the darn thing is too short. I thought I had a stricter page limit. Really though? You don’t think people actually speak like that? My brother and I argue like that all the time. Oh, and the conflicting opinions are great. Half the class loves the dialogue, and half the class think it’s flat/boring/not realistic, etc. Another portion of the class wants me to scrap the seriousness of the piece all together, and to do a “hillbilly comedy”. I still have to ask: really? I grew up in that portion of the world (or close to it at any rate) and while you will get the occasional amount of bad grammar and a definite accent, hillbillies they are not. Good lord the prejudice from some of them was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Evidentially all of us “mountain folk” (as one girl referred to us) use bad grammar all the time, and have broken down Chevy’s in our front yards. Really. I’m never going to write a story to satisfy everyone. I’m probably not going to even write a story to satisfy myself, but I will write more in that story so that it isn’t incomplete.

I guess what this boils down to in writing terms is that finishing Goodnight Earth is on the very back burner. Even submitting Calling Down the Rain will be on hold until I can get a better handle on the homework situation. If this means that I don’t get to work on either of these again until I go home for Christmas Break, so be it (though I won’t be happy about such a development). Right now I need to concentrate on getting though all the crap I have lined up for myself this semester (and try not to line up more on myself, haha). If I get a free moment, then yes, I’ll go back to working on those things (in fact I have another short story starting to mull around in my head), but until that point, please expect them to be on hiatus.

Remember, college will eat your life. And your soul.

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Monday Night Movies (aka-Japanese Spiderman)

I actually meant to post yesterday, but I have a very good reason for not posting. Mainly because I was in bed sick. I will spare you all the details, but suffice to say, I wasn’t in any condition to be doing a blog. I’m better today, hence the post. Not a lot happened yesterday anyway with my being sick and all. I spent most of the day in bed reading manga and talking to Havoc online.

Now it’s time for all of our favorites, the Monday night movie review! Today’s movie is the Japanese Spiderman. Apparently the Japanese wanted to make a fairly faithful adaptation of the original (or as faithful an adaptation as you can make in live action). They were doing an okay job for early 70’s Japan until they introduced the giant robot (actually that apparently inspired the giant mech’s in the series that would be Power Rangers in America). It’s got everything, though. Women’s lib, people dying without any real reason (multiple times I might add), toys that become horrifying monsters that then grow to enormous size for no real reason. It also has it’s own dominatrix. If you are going to watch it for humor value, I’d suggest you watch it with friends. Other than that, I’d say run like the plague. It’s one of the worst things I’ve watched in a long time. It’s not just the cheep special effects, either. The logical failures are astounding. And continuity flaws. Oh the continuity flaws. I think it’s best sumed up by the question “WHAT THE HELL?!” SO, tune in next time when I watch and blog about another horrendous Sciffy movie.

So, other than that, today was fair. I got through my classes (barely) and went to SCA. I would have really liked to have had a nap sometime in there, but it didn’t happen. I’ll try to sleep in a little tomorrow to make up for it. Or not. I have a lot of reading to do for tomorrows class as well as two papers to finish editing and writing critiques for. Well, I suppose half an hour more sleep won’t kill me. At least I hope not.

Speaking of editing, I haven’t really done anything more on any of my stories because of the start of classes. I’ve been really swamped by readings, and I think I’m going to have to buckle down even more if I’m going to do both the readings and all of the assignments that are going to start popping up soon. With the stories for class going on, I don’t think I’m going to have time for Goodnight Earth for a while. I haven’t submitted Calling Down the Rain again either. Time once again. I’ll do it soon. Probably this coming weekend. Or not. I think I’ve heard something about being dragged off to an SCA event. I sigh. It’s not that I don’t want to go, it’s just that it’s going to take the entire day. Oh well. I guess there’s always next weekend.

Remember, robots make everything better in Japan!

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First Day Back (aka-More Cleaning and FRIENDS!)

So, I woke up this morning and started finishing putting everything away. Even though it took me into the afternoon, I can now proudly say it’s all away! This is more than has happened in previous years. I, ehem, can be not the neatest person in the world. In fact at times I can be downright messy. My poor roommate. Well, this time everything’s away and the room is CLEAN for her arrival! Bet she’ll be surprised. I don’t know what changed from last year, but this year somehow everthing has a place. Maybe it’s because I packed everything better. Maybe it’s because I went through the boxes instead of just hauling them up here, but there doesn’t seem to be as much JUNK as there has been in previous years. I wonder what my roomy will say when she sees the changes. I hope she (and her parents) are suitably impressed. Especially after seeing how bad my side of the room can get around exam time (aka the time at which I stop caring how things look and start caring about whether or not I will be passing my classes this semester, and how badly I think I’m doing in my different courses. Anyways, my roomy is coming in tomorrow while I’m at training, so she won’t have the frustration of me being here and in the way while she’s trying to unpack and everything. With any luck she’ll be all done herself by the time I get back from training.

Today’s ‘training’ was a joke. Myron and I stayed long enough to eat, but then we ducked out. I really did have to go back to my room to clean out my mouth because of the whole wisdom teeth thing, but that’s the excuse we gave to duck out early and not have to do the apparently mandatory scavenger hunt. Dear lord, I never thought I’d find the wisdom teeth removal useful! I wonder if I can use that excuse to get out of some training tomorrow as well? Meh, who knows. I really hope they don’t have us doing what we did last year. There were forty of us in a room, and this stupid game went round to try to make us remember names. I remembered the actions not the names. Yes, typical for me. I’m lucky if I remember my friends names half the time.

So, what does this mean for writing? Well it means I did no actual writing today. I do have a writing related note, though. I got my first rejection letter today. I’m not going to say who it’s from (though if you look back at the previous blogs you can probably figure out who it is from them). I knew it was probably going to get rejected, I just didn’t expect it so quickly. Oh well, next time I’ll send them a hard core Sci-fi piece. They’ll probably like that.

Remember, time with your friends is always time well spent. Or was that misspent? Meh, miscreants.

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