In My Experience: Long, Thick Hair

I considered writing a rant blog about a racist, sexist, homophobic dipshit. However after I cooled off (I made the mistake of actually going to read some of what the asshole had to say) I came to the conclusion that it was best not to feed the trolls. Instead, I’ve decided to fight ignorance (and my continued annoyance) with knowledge. And so begins an experiment in blogging for me. I have some unique life experiences (like everyone); these experiences help me be a more realistic writer in some subjects. I am now going to share some of that experience (because I know the pain of googling for hours to try to find the information that I need). These are only my experiences; I do not claim to be an expert for everyone all of the time! I thought to start out, we’d start with a fairly noncontroversial subject that I know intimately: my hair.

In My Experience: LONG, THICK HAIR

Let me start off by describing my hair to you. It is pretty long, mid-thigh if it’s not curling, and its thick enough I’ve broken combs in it before. It’s an odd color that likes to change with the light, strawberry blonde in the sun, brown under most artificial lighting, red by firelight. It’s fairly fine and soft; much to my dismay I’ve had people want to pet my hair (more on that later).

Grow Time
In 2007 my hair was cut shoulder length for my cousin’s wedding. To reach mid-thigh (in a straggly sense) it has taken 5-6 years to grow. I really should have it trimmed, but don’t plan on doing so until it reaches my knees.

Care and Maintenance
Long hair is a lot of work. It takes me an hour to wash and up to half an hour to comb out (when it’s really tangled; usually it’s more like 10-15 minutes). Thankfully I don’t have to wash it every day. This might sound gross to some of you, but I actually only have to wash it once every five to seven days. It just takes that long for the oils to work through it (I am lucky to have a less oily hair type). It usually takes several hours for my hair to air dry (I never use a blow dryer as that is very bad for hair).

I usually wear my hair up in a sort of bun to try to minimize breakage and tangling. The exception to this, of course, is the day after I’ve washed it and need it to air dry. I get a lot of questions as to why I don’t wear it down more often. If you’d ever tried to comb my hair out after a day of it being down, you’d know the answer. Even a day where I don’t do a lot can lead to matting and severe snarls. People handling my hair makes this so much worse and is one of the reasons I’m very twitch about it.

I prefer to use a comb to get the big tangles out, then a brush to smooth things out.

Random Factoids

-My hair holds a curl extremely well. That, in fact is the reason for my high school nickname: Fluffy. Mom misunderstood what I wanted to do with the curlers and left them in a little too long.

-I have gone to dartgun fights with my hair down. It has always been up by the end of the night. Peaking around corners and laying on the floor with long hair is a pain.

-I don’t know if it is the curious nature of my hair, or something else, but if I am wearing a sword and my hair down, my hair will inevitably wind itself around the hilt of my sword.

-My hair is worth several hundred dollars if I ever decided to sell it. Factors in this include that I’ve never died my hair, and don’t use damaging hair products on it. There is a lot of hair to sell, at least 18 inches, possibly up to 24. I have a more unique hair color.

-The first step in my apocalypse survival plan includes cutting my hair so it’s just long enough to put in a ponytail. I don’t know about you, but hair care is the LAST thing I want to be worrying about in case of an emergency.

-When putting your hair into elaborate designs, it is easier to handle if your hair is in need of a washing (I’m not talking dripping with oil, but a little oily is good).

If you have any questions about my hair, feel free to ask them in the comments.